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Womens' Foodservice Forum
Brand Strategy & Design
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Changing the Face of Leadership

The Womens’ Foodservice Forum (WFF) has worked for over 30 years to accelerate women leaders' advancement in the food industry. They believe that work environments that create greater opportunities for women create greater opportunities for everyone. Other Tomorrows worked with WFF to further their mission by crafting a comprehensive strategy to reach and engage more women during, and between, conferences.


An experience that empowers, in-person and online.

Since its founding in 1989, WFF has provided unmatched leadership development, role modeling, and strategic networking to cultivate the next generation of women leaders in the food service industry. WFF's most member-engagement event is its Leadership Conference, with up to 3000 attendees hosted at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

When conferences were put on hold during the pandemic, WFF decided to take a step back. They wanted to understand how to better deliver on their value proposition in creative, novel ways. This included identifying opportunities to make their membership experience even more inspiring, at conferences and between conferences through their member portal. To understand members' values and needs, the Other Tomorrow's team attended the leadership conference to conduct interviews and audit the experience. We also conducted extensive interviews with users of WFF's online portal.

“Connect women, current events, and future leaders at the heart of the struggles they’ve overcome.”

-WFF Member

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The Insight

Magnify. Inspire. Pave the Way.

The leaders Other Tomorrows spoke with are on a journey. Out to strengthen their leadership, magnify their influence, and pave the way for others. Members and partners seek guidance, inspiration, and the ability to digest expertise and education in ways that fit naturally with their busy lives. For the members and partners we spoke with, WFF is a “yes, and…” experience. From conference to membership, WFF boosts positivity. Members seek inspiration to transform their mindset from obstacle to opportunity especially during the rollercoaster of business fire-drills or when leading solo in the field, magnifying their power throughout the year.

It’s no secret that women have often faced barriers where others encounter bridges. Inconsistent opportunities, persistent pay gaps, and a lack of representation in critical decision-making roles hampers advancement.

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A strategy and design to support year-round inspiration.

Other Tomorrows continues to partner with WFF to bring new life to their value proposition. Our partnership has included developing strategic insights to set the direction for future conferences, creating conference branding that inspires attendees, and leading a complete redesign of their digital portal. 

For the conference, our team designed the complete visual system and helped extend it across every touchpoint—from swag bags to super-graphics and presentations. For the member portal, the Other Tomorrows team restructured the website to better align with member needs and then fully designed the new experience. All touchpoints are tied together with a cohesive visual and verbal brand language built across multiple engagements.

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Project Team

Other Tomorrows:
Jen Ashman-Stauss
Erica Liu
Lee Moreau
Joshua Brown

Krista Gibson
Omemma Gillani
Kendra Wilson