We are always seeking new challenges, new collaborators, new insights, and new songs. Typically, our partnerships fall into one of the five services below—but we get even more excited about challenges that aren't easily categorized.

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Ideal State Envisioning & Strategy

We help our clients understand customers' and employees' emotional and functional needs. We then translate those needs into an ideal state vision brought to life with richly envisioned storytelling that rallies teams and organizations.

Brand Strategy & Design

We believe that well-crafted brands with a clear strategy, brand guidelines, and experience principles ensure every experience reinforces an overarching story. We craft brands and experiences that resonate.

Customer & Employee Experience

We design experiences that stretch across digital, physical, and spatial touchpoints at the intersection of desirability, feasibility, viability, and sustainable practice. We can redefine an offering, revitalize a brand, or create something entirely new.

Design and Innovation Capability

Beyond our core services, we're committed to building our clients' internal capabilities. We believe that strong collaborative teams lead to the most impactful work.


Other Tomorrows is committed to helping our clients and partners use design to make meaningful progress. We've crafted a series of workshops that help teams get started—or dive deep to make real progress.

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Inspire a culture of design

We believe workshops can play a pivotal role in instilling a design culture within an organization. When done well, they foster collaboration, nurture creativity, and provide tangible skills and tools needed to solve complex problems. Design workshops can jumpstart new ideas or work as part of a change management plan to encourage more effective ways of working.

Half to full day, 10-40 individuals

Most of our workshops are designed as half or full-day sessions for 10-40 individuals. This provides us with enough time to teach key concepts and then bring those concepts to life through hands-on activities. While some of our workshops can be scaled for larger audiences, smaller sizes allow us to faciliate teams in small groups for an improved experience.

Ready to go, or customizable

Our workshops are ready to go and designed for a general audience based on our experience teaching in academic and professional settings. However, we love working with our partners to meet their specific needs. In the weeks leading up to the event, our team can work with you to understand your priorities and logistics. We will use this context to adjust materials and activities to help your team achieve your goals or tailor activities to match a specific industry.

Principles of Design

In this workshop, participants will learn about design fundamentals through short presentations and creative exercises. The exercises will serve as a platform for generative collaboration, exchange, and innovation with a wide range of applications across industry sectors and job functions. Attendees will gain design literacy and learn the framework and tools necessary to engage in design conversations across disciplines. Participants will then use their newly acquired design literacy to critically reframe a formal organizational challenge in their current professional environment.

Fundamentals of Prototyping

This workshop expands on the idea that prototyping ideas is an effective strategy for everyday exploration, experimentation, and enacting change. The material covers essential theoretical concepts, historical context, and a range of approaches and methods suitable for testing underlying assumptions within real-world scenarios and constraints. This highly interactive workshop encourages collaborative experimentation and risk-taking relevant to organizations of any size.

The Power of Storytelling

In this inspirational and thought-provoking presentation, leading practitioners in storytelling and brand strategy will unpack “why” we tell stories, “what” the right stories enable and unlock in organizations, and “how” we can craft better stories about who we are and who we would like to be. Participants will then be able to workshop their own initiatives to understand their story. They will leave understanding how building narratives can help socialize and communicate ideas within organizations.

Multi-sensory Experiences

In this interactive half-day workshop, participants will be pushed to consider design's potential to engage all our senses. Through the use of sound, touch, taste, and scent participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the science behind our senses and how to leverage that understanding to create truly immersive experiences. This workshop is unlike any other design workshop you've experienced. Get ready to hear, smell, taste, and touch design.

Breaking Down Big Problems

Participants will embark on a journey to discover how human-centered design and design thinking can be used to tackle large and complex challenges. First, we will work to understand the nature of complex problems and common pitfalls experienced when solving them. The workshop then dives into practical exercises and hands-on activities, encouraging participants to think critically and creatively about real-world challenges. Activities include identifying audiences and constituent groups, breaking complex challenges into targeted opportunities, and creating project plans to achieve real progress.

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Talks, Lectures & Teaching

Our team members have presented and taught in a wide range of contexts—including conferences, leadership offsites, lecture series, and design expos. If you are interested in hearing our perspectives or working together to craft a custom lecture or presentation to match your agenda, contact us.

MIT Media Lab
Northeastern University
Harvard Business School
Yale School of Management
Bauhaus Dessau
SDN Global Conference
NEXT Berlin
World Expo Milano
MIT School of Architecture
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