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Caliber Collision
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Service Transformation

Reimagining Trust Amidst Turmoil

Caliber Collision, the nation’s largest collision center and auto body repair network, partnered with Other Tomorrows to understand drivers’ needs and desires. We worked together to identify opportunities that improve the service experience for both customers and teammates.


Mapping a Future Vision to Jumpstart Transformation

It takes true grit to evolve when customers’ expectations change faster than your industry. Claudia Schaefer, Caliber’s Chief Experience Officer, knew Caliber would have to transform their experience to stay competitive. Our goal was to uncover opportunities to improve the entire driver journey and turn those opportunities into a cohesive vision of the future.

The Other Tomorrows team started with contextual qualitative research. We stepped into drivers’ homes to understand their relationship with vehicle ownership, maintenance, and repairs. Our team also traveled to Caliber centers and interviewed, shadowed, and worked alongside teammates.

Caliber and Other Tomorrows have an ongoing partnership that started three years ago. We work together through all phases of CX and EX efforts—from planning and research through to detailed design and execution for customer and teammate solutions.

“80 out of 100 customers are taking the digital route now, you don’t want to have a Caliber Collision folder in your glovebox… you want that on your phone.”

-Caliber General Manager

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In an untrusted industry, building trust through transparency is the key.

Historically, the automotive industry does not have a reputation for being transparent with customers. Caliber knows building trust is critical within their industry—it is part of their mission.

Everybody wants an "Uncle Jimmy".

The Other Tomorrows team took an anecdote from customer research and turned it into a persona that guided the work. Our team referred to this trusted source as “Uncle Jimmy,” a trusted confidant for car maintenance and repairs.

Drivers don’t know what to expect after an accident.

Accidents are relatively rare events in people’s lives, occurring on average only once every 18 years. That means drivers are often in a chaotic situation with little understanding of what to do next. To address this, our team centered the experience around guiding the customer through the process.

Fortunately, the average driver only experiences an accident every 18 years. For Caliber, that means drivers rarely know what to expect.
Photo of an Other Tomorrows employee with a clipboard doing research in a Caliber center

A vision for making complex interactions feel simple and trustworthy.

Based on our insights, Other Tomorrows envisioned new service experiences for drivers and teammates. Then, our team connected them together with detailed service blueprints. This vision inspires trust by making complex processes simple for Caliber.

Working together, Other Tomorrows and Caliber have translated the ideal state vision into detailed process maps and feature requirements. We back-casted the ideal state to identify short-term wins and are currently executing on elements of the vision. Early projections show the work will achieve a strong return on investment in cost savings and increased customer satisfaction.

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Project Team

Laura Susana Tort Ayala

Chiranit Prateepasen

Michelle Tsay

Heather Offermann

Camila Gascon

Rashina Bhula

Jen Ashman-Stauss

Erica Liu

Lee Moreau