About us

We're a human-centric, culture-first, hyper-engaged, awesome-creating, definition-defying, hyphen-loving team. Other Tomorrows builds long-term relationships to lead strategy, innovation, and design efforts for global brands and institutions.

Our mission is to meaningfully impact the world through design. We do this by serving our clients, their customers, their employees, society, and the environment—leaving the world a better place than we found it. Sometimes our impact is transformative. Other times, it's about making someone's life a little easier or less stressful. We strive for every step, no matter how big or small, to be a step towards an Other Tomorrow that's better for everyone.

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Our Values

Other Tomorrow’s is a culture-first design studio. That’s because we believe designers create the most influential work in an environment where they are inspired, supported, and supplied with the right resources.


Complex challenges require creative solutions. So we find new paths forward, imagining our way through ambiguity and complexity. Embedded in our imaginative nature is optimism that tomorrow will be better than today—so we envision a better future and work hard to get there.


We do everything with a genuine interest in listening to and caring about our team, clients, customers, and employees. We are supporting, thoughtful, and trusting. We employ empathy as our foundation and reach out proactively when we exceed its limits.


Everything we do follows a rigorous human-centered approach—from initial strategy to execution. We dig deep to get meaningful insights, then lean into the details to ensure everything is considered (from desirability to operability).

The Team

Solving complex problems requires a multidisciplinary approach. Our team brings a vast set of skills and areas of expertise to every challenge. We consider the problems of tomorrow from all angles to focus on the path toward defining a new vision. 

Jen Ashman-Stauss
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Head of Envisioning

Jen interconnects people and products, patterns and environments, the digital and physical, to create meaning and impact through story-based futurism. Previously, as Director of Innovation at EPAM Continuum, Jen partnered with category leaders like American Express to define new luxury, Fisher-Price to imagine the future of parenting, Medela to reinvent breastfeeding for millennials, and Google to craft neighborhoods built on contribution and culture. She translates the functional and emotional "why's" behind people's behaviors into vivid expressions of the products and services.

Jen holds global design awards and patents for visual communication, illustration, and industrial design. Jen attended the University of Cincinnati for industrial design.

Favorite Projects

Envisioning the future of connected homes

Reimagiing the future of parenting as a multi-sensorial experience for Fisher Price

Redefining luxury for American Express

Joshua Brown
Employee portrait

As a rigorously analytical designer, Joshua strives to uncover the complex web of wants, needs, hopes, and fears that undergird our everyday lives. An active theatre artist and opera composer, Joshua brings a sense of poetic elegance to every narrative, product, and space they help create. Joshua has created work at home and abroad with Actors Theatre of Louisville, La Jolla Playhouse, Pittsburgh Opera, the International Computer Music Conference, and Thompson Street Opera, among others. They hold a BHA in Technical Writing & Music Technology, a graduate certificate in Music Composition from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MS in Experience Design from Northeastern.

When not dreaming up equitable futures or making inanimate objects talk, Joshua can be found thrifting, supporting the local drag scene, and spending time with his dog, Beef Wellington.

Favorite Projects

Enlivening Boston's Old Corner Bookstore with Historic Boston Inc.

Producing my opera, "Would You Eat Me?" with Thompson St. Opera in Chicago

Creating a platform for women's leadership development with WFF

Kyle Wing
Employee portrait
Lead Design Strategist

Kyle translates the evolving complexity of technology, human behavior, and culture into meaningful, context-specific experiences that are good for people. Previously, Kyle was a senior human-centered designer at Continuum, and has brought new brand experiences, digital services, and physical environments to life for organizations like Google, Ford, REI, and Southwest Airlines. He holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a degree in Social and Political History from Carnegie Mellon University.

Most days, you can find Kyle greeting the sun from his bike, getting stuck in an internet rabbit hole, or making pizza with his partner, Sarah.

Favorite Projects

Building an 8,000 sqft foam core airport to test the future airport experience for Southwest

Defining the future of adventure for Ford

Imagining a future where housing is a human right

Lee Moreau
Employee portrait
Founding Director

Over the past two decades, Lee has directed service and experience design projects for leading organizations like Southwest Airlines, BBVA, Google, P&G, Nike, Eli Lilly, Hilton, Kaiser-Permanente, Chili's, Novartis, Jamba, and Lincoln Center that blur the boundaries between content and experience. Before founding Other Tomorrows, Lee was the VP of Design at EPAM Continuum, the Director of Environments at 2×4, and worked as a designer at IDEO and the Rockwell Group. When he's not in the studio, Lee can be found podcasting on Design Observer or in the classroom at Northeastern University, where he is the Professor of the Practice, Design teaching courses on design, strategy, and innovation.

If you stick around long enough, you'll catch Lee dancing, and everything will make sense.

Favorite Projects

Reimagining the experience for Medicare patients at Kaiser-Permanente

Designing a new restaurant experience for Chili's teammates and guests

Creating environmental branding for Diller Scofidio + Renfro's historic renovation of Lincoln Center

María Risueño Dominguez
Employee portrait
Design Strategist

María’s experience spans architecture, design research, UX, and system design. Her transdisciplinary background enables her to reimagine the interplay between physical and digital experiences, designing products, spaces, and systems that respond to human needs. Previously, she worked as an architect, designer, and UX researcher at Studio Gang, HFE, and Autodesk. She holds a Master of Science in Engineering & Management from MIT and a Bachelor + Master of Architecture from Politécnica de Madrid. She has immersed herself in learning human-centered design, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and systems thinking to drive innovation from every angle.

In her free time, María loves making and breaking things, listening to podcasts while riding her bike, and making caffeinated creations.

Favorite Projects

Envisioning "The Next 150-Year Chair" at MIT (Emeco x MIT)

Prototyping a learning and innovation center at the American Museum of National History (Studio Gang x AMNH)

Reimagining a new soundtrack of the hybrid office (MIT x IBM Design)

Nicole Nassif
Employee portrait
Senior Envisioner

Nicole is a multidisciplinary industrial designer who advocates for sustainable, inclusive, purposeful product design, focusing on exceptional user experience & storytelling. She strives to make the world a better place for all people - particularly those who have been marginalized. Nicole has worked in various fields, including footwear & apparel, medical devices, sustainable packaging, luxury cosmetics, and concept design for film. Before joining Other Tomorrows, Nicole worked with NOBULL, ELEVEN, EPAM Continuum, and the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. She enjoys working at the intersection of design, strategy, and whitespace innovation.

Outside of design, Nicole is a former nationally ranked speed skater & Irish step dancer who loves reading, writing, learning languages, & being in the occasional movie.

Favorite Projects

Envisioning IOTA, an augmented training tool for elite speedskaters

Creating a smart epinephrine auto-injector and sensor system for the Wyss Institute and Project Abbie

Envisioning the future of zero waste packaging through Lucky Cow yogurt

Pat Bitchell
Employee portrait
Director, Experience Design

Pat is the Director of Experience Design at Other Tomorrows. With a background that spans across brand and digital design, Pat partners with his clients to build out storytelling platforms that invite the customer to be part of the brand narrative, while blurring the lines between digital and physical experience. Pat has worked across industries for clients such as Google, Lululemon, Southwest Airlines, Epic Games, Chilis, and Vanguard.

When he isn't pushing pixels you can find Pat at the beach, surfing, or hiking with his partner Taryn and fur baby Winnie.

Favorite Projects

Tim Radville
Employee portrait
Head of Brand Experience

Tim uses human insights to create brand experiences that are grounded in purpose, reach across touch-points, and connect customers and employees. Previously, he led EPAM Continuum's brand strategy and design team and worked in Landor's NYC-based brand experience team. Tim has built impactful experiences for clients such as Verizon, Barclays, Chili's, Hologic, Google, Barilla, Diageo, Hertz, Unilever, Dell, Hilton, and Southwest Airlines. His work has been internationally recognized, including an IDEA Gold and an SDN Best in Private Sector award for service design.

When not obsessing over brands, he is focused on being a home-chef, a photographer, a mentor to his team, an amateur woodworker, and a Lego builder with his two sons.

Favorite Projects

Redesigning the airport experience for Southwest Airlines

Leading EPAM Continuum’s Human-Centered Design curriculum development

Envisioning the future of lifestyle hotels with Canopy by Hilton

Past & Current Collaborators

Joanna Luo
Laura Susana Tort Ayala
Michelle Tsay
Chiranit Prateepasen
Heather Offermann
Camila Gascon
Heather Nelson
Rashina Bhula
Marisa Bohlmann
Federica Bagini
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Pete Strutt
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Adina Karp
Julian A. Escudero Geltman
Monique Fuchs
Davide Dawei Zhang
Aria Xiying Bao
Sophie Mondale
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Willy DeConto
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