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Breaking Down Tomorrow’s Tech for Today’s Leaders

MIT Horizon is an immense library of expert content that distills emerging technologies into easy-to-understand educational curriculum. Other Tomorrows worked with MIT Horizon to understand how their users learned best and transform those needs into a next-gen learning experience.


A proven product looking to mature.

MIT Horizon was born from MIT Open Learning, an initiative to transform teaching and learning through innovative digital technologies. The goal was to harness and translate MIT's expertise in cutting-edge tech to educate modern professionals. They had authored an incredible library of expert content, but Horizon was searching for what was next.

Working to build a 360-degree understanding of Horizon's learners, buyers, and customers, our team conducted in-depth qualitative research and immersed ourselves in existing quantitative research. As a large enterprise product with diverse audiences, we aimed to understand Horizon's unique mixture of stakeholders and users.

“Learning is a lifelong thing… but you really need to be able to see what you will get out of this, why is it worth it?’”

-Horizon Learner

A grid of pages from an MIT horizon presentation deck showing envisioning and various ideas

The learner's mindset shapes the experience they need.

Identifying patterns in research, we painted a holistic view of the platform and helped reframe the Horizon team's understanding of their learners. How people learn depends highly on the "what" and the "why." Are they searching for a new topic or deep-diving into one they already know? Are they learning to expand their breadth of knowledge or trying to solve a tactical problem? A robust understanding of a learner's needs defines whether the learning experience should be structured, unstructured, broad, or focused.

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An experience that makes complex technologies tangible.

With a new understanding of learning modes, Other Tomorrows articulated a strategic product vision for Horizon that evolves its content library into a learning platform. We focused on new ways for learners to discover and navigate cutting-edge content, and our team created an end-to-end experiential prototype that connects touchpoints within the future Horizon experience.

A mockup of the Horizon website shown on a laptop screen and a business cardIllustration on a red background showing people using MIT Horizon's learning platformIllustration on a red background showing a woman using MIT Horizon's learning platform
Project Team

Kyle Wing
Jen Ashman-Stauss
Monique Fuchs
Lee Moreau